An interactive app for kids to learn and memorize Part of Amma, Alphabets, and more than 12 hadith for daily supplications. It is designed for kids from 3 to 12 years. Creativity of the app lies on provoking kids' curiosity to learn and memorize the Quran through diversity of the backgrounds, repetition of verses by Sh. Al-Minshawy as well as a childish voice, in addition to many ideas. It is compatible with curriculum. It is actually contains three apps: (1) Memorization of Part of Amma, (2) Supplications room, and (3) The Arabic Alphabets.

The Creative Aspects::

Stimulating the acoustic, visual, and moving senses of children through an interactive application, full of childish color and the attractive voices of the Cartoon character Adnan as a childish Guide and his distinct voice that attract children.

The featured repetition style in the Holy Quran part where Sheikh Al-Minshawi reads then the children is repeating after him.

The application idea is featured in the study of the beautiful colors for the backgrounds of each Sura (chapter) in order that the child is able to distinguish each Sura and remember its colors and memorize each single word..

A direct guide from the application and stimulating the visual feeling of the child in choosing voices, colors, and display style and make a chance for the child to discover.